Connecticut Women's Council

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

May I promote my business and/or services to fellow CWC members?
CWC Policies prohibit direct marketing to and mass solicitation of our members. We try hard to protect our members from receiving unsolicited emails, etc. as a result of being listed in our directory, especially because all of our members are businesswomen, and, therefore, have some sort of value proposition to pitch to fellow members. We know from experience that this type of activity, if left un-checked, can discourage members from joining or continuing their membership. This policy extends to our events/activities which we dub ‘solicitation-free zones’, to protect our members and their guests from unsolicited appeals.

The organization does seek to support our members in their various personal and professional pursuits. This is accomplished primarily through relationship building with fellow members. A natural outcome of friendships formed is an interest in one another’s professional pursuits. It is not uncommon for members to turn to each other when in need of specific services or professional advice. Members are encouraged to browse our CWC directory, which sorts members by industry affiliation for easy access when looking for professional and business contacts.

How does the CWC select its program ideas?
The Programs Committee meets several times a year to discuss program ideas. If you have a suggestion for a program, please bring it to the attention of a committee member or the CWC Executive Director. Program ideas are tested against certain criteria; for example, a program may not generally be used as a vehicle for selling or marketing goods or services.

How do I become more involved with the CWC?
Several committees rely on CWC member involvement. These include: Membership Recruitment, Programs, Member Retention, and Member Communications. If you have an interest in serving on a particular committee, please contact that committee’s chairperson (listed on the internal member’s website).

How can I become acquainted with other members?
CWC holds New Member Receptions throughout the year to introduce our newest members to each other and to the board members. We encourage new members to attend these get togethers and also join in on the CWC monthly lunch gatherings in Downtown Hartford.