Connecticut Women's Council

2023 Programs


Connecticut Women’s Council is pleased to bring a parenting, family and stress workshop to our membership.
Partners and guests are welcome to join this virtual workshop presented by Peace at Home Parenting Solutions
Cost: $10 (you may purchase a recording if you cannot make it to the live session.
Workshop Description:
Maybe you call it stress, maybe you call it anxiety. But we all know that many of us are
worn out from just surviving and looking for ways to thrive. Let’s talk.
First, a quick biology lesson. When stress overwhelms your coping capacity, your body
goes into “fight or flight” mode. Your body’s response (feeling activated) is intended to feel
unpleasant (anxiety) enough to drive you to take action to resolve the situation in as short
a time as possible.

However, work and family situations can seem like they cannot be resolved and we may
be chronically “fired up.” This leads to our bodies stimulating even more of a physiological
response to regain control and we become “hyperactivated” (or angry) at ourselves or
others or both. Sound familiar?
This session will help you evaluate your personal and family practices in order to make
some much-needed changes to how you respond to stress.
After this class, you will be able to:
● Recognize the impact of sustained stress on you and your family
● Identify specific sources of stress in your family life and apply strategies to address
● Identify and apply practical strategies to reduce family stress
CWC Winter Book Club Meeting January 9th @6PM