Connecticut Women's Council



Below is a list of CWC committees and their roles and responsibilities. 

The Membership Committee is responsible for attracting and retaining talented professional and executive women who are leaders in our community, who represent a broad mix of professions, backgrounds and experiences, and who will contribute to the professional and personal lives of fellow members by helping them to connect, collaborate and grow.

The Communications and Marketing Committee is charged with maintaining a consistent brand message and identity in our community for both members and non-members, to facilitate recruitment and retention of members and promote attendance at events.

The Program Committee designs and delivers a compelling event per month which offers unique access to interesting people, relevant and stimulating topics, held in distinctive venues. The committee is charged with ensuring that CWC’s recurring programs and our newly created programs are consistently delivering on the mission of the organization and fulfilling the strategic plan.

The Nominating Committee, as per the bylaws, on an annual basis and when openings occur, recommend prospective candidates for board membership who will contribute to the well-being of the organization through the fulfillment of our mission and strategy.

The Audit Committee, as per the bylaws, conduct a review of the organization’s financials to maintain the financial integrity of the organization.

At the request of the President, address specific governance-related matters or issues and provide guidance and recommendations to the President and the board.